State of The Space-Based MMO Video Games on Mobile Platforms

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games have long been the domains of traditional role playing games featuring the fantasy world featuring the Wizards and Elves. However, that is a limiting scope for a video game environment both thematically and technically. There have been many attempts at bringing the MMO with the space as its backdrop.

Who wouldn’t want to become a leading character in a massive galaxy fighting to get more power and influence, ultimately gaining dominance over your putrid competitors? MMO opens the games to a new world of gameplays, mainly cooperating and competing against other real players. By featuring open worlds that dynamically changes due to the player contributions means every action matters in MMO games.

In a perfect space-based MMO games, there must be a military element, where you can dominate your opponents with your military mights. However, it should also be balanced with diplomacy, striking up deals and agreements with your allies to collectively dominate the galaxy and beyond. Eve Online is arguably the most popular space simulation MMO created and it’s have had its fair share of epic battles and wars during its reign.

One of the most promising MMO space-game we have played is called Pocket Starships. This freemium game is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It can also be played on your computer as a browser game. You can take part in commanding your own ship in space dog fights. However, that’s not all. There’s also a complex alliance based gameplay where you must recruit more allies into your faction to explore and gain dominance over your foes and enemies.

Pocket Starships is an incredibly ambitious game that has all the right features that gamers desire in MMO space-based games. However, it appears that the game is plagued with bugs and performance issues and have yet to be updated since June 2015. Despite its own host of problems, Pocket Starships is one of the better space MMO you can play out of your pocket (no pun intended). Its PvP gameplay is fun and easy to get into and as long as your expectations aren’t super high, this is a fun mobile game you can kill some time on.

Many gamers tout The Infinite Black: Tactical Space MMO as the best in the market. At first look, it might give you a headache with all the complex looking user interface that bogs down your head. However, there’s an excellent tutorial in place to get you up and running and once you are into it, this game has limitless replay value due to its sheer depth.

The Infinite Black is free to play MMO and is regularly being updated and improved by the developers. The only downside to this game is all the power players that have multiple accounts killing newbies on first-sight so make sure to dodge away from these people and seek shelter in mothership and behind strong allies.

Vendetta Online is the only 3D Space MMO that you can play on Android phones and tablets. It has beautiful 3D graphics and world that you can freely explore. You will mine for resources and minerals to upgrade your space ships, make friends and strike up PvP battles. The beauty of Vendetta Online is that you can play the game however you like. You can be the militaristic fighter pilot that shoots on sight and kill to contribute to your empire. You can be a miner who just collects valuable minerals to make trades in the market.

There’re regular server-wide conflicts that you can participate in that often results in massive space battles that are captivating and exciting. Vendetta Online is free to play up to a certain level, then you must pay subscription fee to continue on. Not all players will upgrade to the paid model but being free to play makes it a no-brainer to at least check out if you are fan of this genre.